Composite pass causes crash

I have a fairly simple image of a bowling ball with a procedural marble texture, and shadow against a white background and ground. The ball has rotation and translation IPOs to simulate the ball rolling along. I have set up composite nodes with vector blur to give the final render the impression of motion.

The problem is that when I render the image at 4000x3000 it renders the image, but completely dumps out of Blender when it tries to do the composite pass.

It doesn’t happen at 3200 x 2400 so presumeably it is a resource issue, but I would have hoped that if it was a memory issue it would just start swapping to disk?

I have tried it on 2 machines, both Windows XP SP2. One is a dual core AMD, the other a single core hyperthreaded Intel. One with 1.5GB RAM, the other with 1GB+256MB RAM

Should I raise this as a bug? Or am I just asking too much of Blender?

have u done the xy thing to split into 4x4 render?

Yes, 4x4. The render itself completes fine, if I turn off “Do Composite” it finishes without crashing. As soon as it starts the composite pass all 3 blender windows completely disappears from the screen or I get the windows dialog saying blender.exe has crashed etc

Im getting a lot of similar crashes with 243 composites too, im working with large image maps and it doesn’t seem too happy with them…