Composite Render Layers using NetRender

I have searched the forum, but nothing comes up regarding this, maybe I’m using the wrong search terms, I don’t know. I have a project that uses 5 or 6 different Render Layers. In the compositor, I have them all comp’d and it looks great. I want to render a .png sequence of the animation using NetRender. When I do, my .png files only show one of the render layers and I’m having to resort to using the EXRs generated and dropping them into AE for a final composite.

I have a File Output node connected to the last Alpha Over in my node chain. Both my Composite and my Viewer also go to this Alpha Over. The File Output node is setup to generate a png, yet again, all the png files only show one render layer.

How do I set this up so I can NetRender a comp of Render Layers straight to a png sequence and not have to deal with the EXR files?

Many thanks