Composite Through Displace Shows Black

Hi all,

I’m wondering if someone can figure out what’s going on here. The docs for the displace node are here:

I’m trying to do a similar setup, but my final composite is simply black, as the screenshot below shows. If I disconnect the displace node and simply run the output of the multiply to the composite node, the image looks as it should.

Any ideas?

Edit: Here’s the .blend file. Although beware, because hitting the render button causes a crash 5/10 times.

try render the mutlilayer frame first, and then composite the render.

Works fine here, using an SVN build, though I don’t have that image file you’re using. Perhaps that may have something to do with it. Check my attached image - btw of course I’ve set the x scale to 40 so you actually see some displacement.


Thanks broken.

Just curious, are you on Linux, Windows … etc?

I’m using the standard 2.44 release.