Composite Video onto Monitor: angles, etc.

I have a plane that I want to have a video composed onto. Cycles doesn’t support video textures; so how can I get the orentation relative to the camera and have the video mapped to its position?

I’m using a holdout material for the plane. I just can’t figure out how to apply the perspective.


You could render just the plane with the movie with an alpha background in BI. Then render the other objects (same camera) on other layers then in the sequencer or other movie editor, layer the movie plane video above or on top of the other rendered movie.

nevermind: Do you have a link about rendering in the two engines for one video?

I found this one:

No link, you just do it.
Render one out in BI with an Alpha channel, save it.
Render the other one out with Cycles save it.
Bring them both into the sequencer, one above the other.

Cycles supports image sequences as textures. So it’s not a must to use both engines.

Yes, I see that now. Still doesn’t update in the viewport render window (I think that’s on the to-do list).