Composited video :)

Hey… just found out how to link my video into my computer! Finally! :slight_smile:
It’s WIP of course lol. :slight_smile:

What do you think?


perfect compositing. good movementmatching. I just can’t figure out what the hell you’re doing. Maybe encode that file a bit less? I can only make out somekind of spacy keyboard that isn’t working :smiley:


It’s my problem! I couldn’t think of what to put so I just put a earth texture to type on lol. That’s why it’s WIP because I have something in my mind that I haven’t have enough time to do it last night :wink: Now I feel stupid because of my weird expressions :P. 8)

Really nice…

compression is indeed to high and the olographic earthmap gets messed up…

why don’t use an olographic globe? Rotating maybe?


wow, new digital watch, but you’re not happy with it I see…

I never had one of those… I had the older type, with hands… I found it from laying on the ground, it had carving on the back sayin “henry” and a date. it ran out of battery a week ago… I never knew, if “henry” was the name of the clock, or previous owner… so… I kept calling it “henry”, it didn’t seem to mind.

next time, I’ll get even older type, one that doesn’t need batteries.