Compositing 2d animated characters with 3d foreground and backfround elements questio

I am a 2d traditional animator.My question is how do i composite my 2d
characters with my 3d elements via my background and foregrounds(note:I use
Flash and Toonboom animate pro to animate my characters). I would also like
to know how to composite my 2d animated characters in side of a vehicle i
have modeled inside of blender via a spaceship or a car like they do in
Futurama ,and family guy. Ive check all around the web and there are no
tutorials to show people how to do this if anyone knows of any tutorials can
you please tell me or explain how to do this thanks .
Below is an example how what im trying to do when i ask how to composite my
2d characters inside of a modeled vehicle or space ship.
here are the links of my two examples that i am trying to achieve… Cmon Blender community i need your help…:stuck_out_tongue:

Convert your 2D character into a rendered image sequence. Create a plane that is the same size as the rendered image. Apply a material to the plane. Then apply a texture to the material. Change the texture type to image sequence and browse to your rendered 2D output. Now you have a “card” that you can place anywhere in the 3D scene. You may want to add a constraint to the card called “TrackTo”. This is how you make the card always face the camera.

At this point you could place the card inside a vehicle and parent the card to the vehicle. Then when you move/animate the vehicle the driver will remain with it.