Compositing a mouth rig onto a live action face

I just modeled my first 3D mouth (lips, gums, teeth, tongue, upper throat). I have live action video where I’m just walking down the street (somebody was in front of me walking backwards filming). My lips aren’t really moving the way i want them to in the actual footage, so my idea is to put this model over my lips and make me talk (adding audio in post). The idea isn’t realism, so don’t worry about that. My question is, when my lips/face turn sideways (i look away from the camera left/right), what happens to the entire inside of the model? how do i edit out the throat and all that stuff?

Holy Clutch Cargo, Batman!

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I’m just doing this for practice to learn how this works. I want to link those three tracks to the head bone which controls the whole armature/mesh. the 3 tracks are currently constrained to the depth of the mesh (though i’m wondering if that’s even serving a purpose at this point). when the video plays, the mesh stays still. I’ve tried parenting the tracks to the head bone using every type of option there was, and the mesh just stayed in the same location.

the idea is to animate the lips to move not according to the video, just animate them normally, but track the mesh to the general face. Ultimately I want to just delete the eyes and the rest of the mesh, and just leave the mouth and maybe the jaw.

Very clutch cargo-esque if you will.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: CLUTCH CARGO!! You’re killing me! Thanks for the memories (and the laughs!)

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you do realize like the faces on clutch cargo stay 100% stationary so it wouldn’t require any sort of tracking and the mouths don’t reflect 3D at all. I already said that this is in no way supposed to be realistic looking, but it would require a rigged 3D mouth, camera track, and animation. Watching youtube tutorials has actually been pretty helpful, but it’s still a little involved so if anybody knows how to do what i’m look to do, i would still appreciate any advice.