Compositing advice

Hi everyone :smiley:

So I’ve been working on this render for two days. this is what I’ve got so far.

As you can see something seems to be off. the car doesn’t look part of the scene at all. I’m using an HDRI map to illuminate the scene and the photo I used as background is the same place as the HDR. The package came with the Map and a series of photos to use as backgrounds. So yeah same place.

What would you suggest to make it look like the car is really there?. I mean I’m not looking for a 1:1 super realistic result but I think I can improve it but I don’t know how. I’ve ran out of ideas. I reworked the texture of the car. I added some lens effects I tried adjusting the lighting but since the HDR and the Background are basically the same place it doesn’t change too much.

Anyway thanks for your help =D


Have you taken a look at Andrew Price’s tutorial on rendering onto a photo background? It may help, it may not, but it’d at least give you some insight on it if anything else:

Not sure if that can help answer your question but I hope it opens up a few leads. By the way, is that an Aston Martin One-77? Gorgeous car and very well modeled too, definitely worthy of a nice background.

Two things comes to mind. First of all, the focus of the background picture is not that sharp and the car is. Look at the car and the ground it stands on. It doesn’t match. It also seems the background is a bit noisy so if you add some noise and just a touch of blur it might blend better. Another thing is that I get a feeling the car has got interior lighting and it’s standing outside. Not reslly sure though, could just be a side effect of the cars sharpness in contrast to the BG pic. Might be something to consider though.

this actually awesome work there is nothing to do in her as the result,s are supper cool the problems are that the car is a bit small to the scene, Compared to the stairs and i think that the car is brighter than the scene ,so maybe play with the bright,s a little bit ,but other than that your work is perfectly amazing :slight_smile:

As p.proj stated, the image is pretty good as it is. I agree that the car looks a little bit small; try scaling it up a bit. Maybe even twice as big as it currently is, I don’t know. The camera position may be a little off as well. I wouldn’t expect to see that much of the roof of the car, judging by the perspective of the rest of the image.

One last thing, check the focal length the original image was shot at and make sure it matches your Blender camera. Other than that, I think it looks really good! I think the brightness of the car is just about perfect. Good job with the shadows.

In addition to what was said before, especially the sharpness, the focal length and the part about “awesome” :), some color correction could help maybe.

The black in the car render is really black compared to the backplate. Thus it has a much higher contrast than the rest of the image. Therefore it could help to enhance the contrast of the background or to reduce the contrast for the car. In the scene settings for cycles you have the panel color correction. I’d try to tweak the curve there to produce a better matching result for the car.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your help guys. Ok I got a lot to do I’ll post my progress here. Greetings

I agree that you should adjust the focal length of the scene; the perspective on the car is definitely off.

The reflection (?) on the windscreen also doesn’t feel right. There should be some Fresnel effect of course, but I think we should also be able to see a bit of the background straight through the car. Check the IOR of the car’s glass.

Edit: I just noticed that the far side mirror is actually visible through both pieces of glass; so what actually is that image “behind” the vehicle?

Hi there.

I followed some of your suggestions including CD38’s. Here is the result. :smiley:

I adjusted the focal view, the angle of the car, the rotation of my HDR to match the photo version of the same, I increased the size of the car a little bit and I tweaked some contrast values. So here it is. I think it looks better now.

I tried 2 different angles. I personally like Auto7 better. Auto8 I don’t know… it doesn’t look bad I think.

UPDATE: I added a new render Auto9.


A car like that deserves a nicer background other than that I think it looks great, maybe darken the wheels a bit?

Honestly, to me it just seems that the backround does not have enough resolution. It feels blurry, compared to the super sharp car.

Nice job, but the shadows are too short. Look at the shadow off the building, There’s a definite angle, whereas that car shadow looks top down. In sunlight, hey would all be pretty much the same angle, especially such a small scene (in the whole world type of scale) It won’t take a huge amount, more of a tweak to match the shadow angle.

Well I used depth of field. maybe more noise on the car =S

Yeh. I mean I’m using an HDR to light the scene, nothing else. Maybe the HDR i used is low quility. it wont cast a long sharp shadow like other HDR’s. That’s the shadow it casts if I increase the sun light it ruins the lighting. I tried that =S … seems that the HDR and the photo are from a cloudy day.