Compositing an animation of 1 frame with one of hundred of frames

Hello, I have a question that is troubling me.

Imagine I have a “Main Scene” of [one frame] in the first Layer and an animation of objects “Rain, Thunder, Flags, etc” of [two hundred of frames] in the Second Layer, both has their Cameras in the same location, rotation and scale.

But the problem is, can I make a composition of a short video with an “Animation” of [two hundred of frames] and a “Scene” of [one frame]?

I had seen a video in youtube where you can composite two layers of animations (BlenderGuru to be exact, in his Bullet animation video) but I don’t know if I can composite one of one Frame with one of Two hundred of Frames.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes. And to make things simpler, first render the one frame out as an image and then combine that with the actual animation in compositing. Do not render animations directly to a video, render it to an image sequence. Separating rendering from post-processing, compositing in this case, makes it faster to render and possibly re-render the final because slow rendering of the 3D scene is done only once.

How depends on what is being rendered and the desired result.

Compositing and composition are different things.
A composite is the result of compositing
A composition is the result of composing

I nearly just closed the tab right away after opening the thread, but decided to reply since you’re a new user. Your post is very unclear for what you’re asking, it’s missing information of what you’re actually working with, and there are no support files. Support files such as references or full interface screenshots to help you explain, and an example .blend file when your question involves one.

When you start with the word “imagine” and decorate the text with quotation marks, brackets and square brackets all over, you’re not doing good enough job in writing a post.

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