Compositing and UVEditor for masks.

I am working on creating my video art using Blender. One thing this requires is cutting figures out from a background. Most of these images were shot in real world situations and not on a green screen.

So basically I want to do frame by frame rotoscoping. I have seen tutorials that do this using shape keys and curves to create the mask. I have “auto-generated” the first pass at masks using nodes. I would like to now tweak these masks using the UV editor. Is there a way to use the UVeditor to point to the viewer output, while editing in the UVeditor and still saving off the resulting images frame by frame?

Is this what you need?


3 Point edit. Thanks for the links. I had seen one of those before. I guess ultimately I need to be shooting with a green screen, I ordered one today. However, for the stuff I have already shot, I am pretty much stuck going frame by frame and using the Image editor to erase/add alpha. Tedious but very effective.

If you’re working under Windows, you might want to check out the Cinegobs keyer ( It has rotoscoping tools and can do automatic tweening on the mask.