Hey guys,i have an animation,wehre i wanna make such an camera droplet effeckt,but the lightsource for it shouldnt be a light,or something like that,i want that it is like following,you guys maybe know it,wehn the sun shines on a metal and reflect it,or wehn you aim a light on a mirror,and its refleckting the light,and i want the same effeckt with a manwhole,so that i can do this camera droplet,can someone help me?,its in cycles renderer :),i now how to make this droplet,but not how t make this lighting effeckt ;/,thanks guys,

What is a camera droplet?

uhm,id love to how you,but unfortunatey it isnt allowed to send links, so, got tt he youtube channel from tom walks,and there search for a tutorial for camera droplets i think it was :), or simply for an roboter animation :).