Compositing Contest [CLOSED]

(Goofster) #1

Weirdhat has made a compositing contest:

(acasto) #2

Is there something wrong with the vid, I tried to play it on a few players (linux and windows) and couldn’t get anything.

(Lyubomir) #3

“Is there something wrong with the vid, I tried to play it on a few players (linux and windows) and couldn’t get anything.”
(said acasto)

“This is a JPEG AVI, which Blender should be able to read.”
(said WeirdHat)

(acasto) #4

I know it’s a jpeg avi, but most video players can play jpeg avi ( I know mine can) and it dosn’t, none of them do.

(haunt_house) #5

Sometimes too many installed codecs create that kind of problem.


(steve343) #6

weeeeeeee my first atempt at video compositing this is going to be messy

(blenderanim) #7

Very few players play AVIjpg. Quicktime is the only one that I know of that comes with the CODEC. All of the others require a manual download (Windows Media Player doesn’t find it automatically).

Naturally, I couldn’t find it in my bookmarks. Do a search.

(theeth) #8

here, you can get it from IceMan’s site:


(steve343) #9

what lens size did u use weird it would realy help to know

(crow) #10

This is what i have so far lemme know whatcha think =o)

Copy & glue all sold outta paste :stuck_out_tongue:

(phrog) #11

Weirdhat, does this compositing competition entry have to include sound?

I would like to know because I have not got a clue what I have to do in my video editing application to add sound. It makes no sense!

(LohnS) #12

ok heres my very WIP entry, just placing everything and i’ll spruce it up later. I do have like a month anyway :wink:

if that doesn’t work try this

and you can get it form there

(steve343) #13

anyone know how to get a movie into mpeg i used to know a link to a program that did it but now its gone.

just the codex would be fine if it isnt locked.

it sayes the contest enteries have to be in mpeg :-?

(S68) #14

Why not DivX^


(steve343) #15

i dont know ask werid hat

it sayes on his contest page admissions in mpeg

(S68) #16


Forgot that!


(WeirdHat) #17

Lens size… um… I think it’s 40.5. Not sure at all though.

Nope, it doesn’t have to include sound.

About MPEG, I would find a link, but I have to go to school in a couple of minutes.[/i]

(steve343) #18

40.5 wooooo i was way off

i might have to start again poo.

anyone else no about the mpeg thing i do have the codex but its locked !!!

can we please use div x 3 pleaseeee
or u could just post ur codex on your wesite weird hat
oh by the way my entry involves hats :slight_smile:

(steve343) #19

:stuck_out_tongue: i kind of done 1 already i dont know if it’ll be my final depnds on what other people com up with. i’ll try and post it soon to get the ball rollin