Compositing contest?

(WeirdHat) #1

Some time ago I ran a contest for compositing real life and Blender objects. Only two people entered.

SO, I would like to try again. If you are interested, please respond to this post and say so. If enough people are interested, I will do this. There would not be any prizes, but I hope that doesn’t discourage people like it seemed to last time.

(Goofster) #2

WOOHOO! great idea! i’m definately in (IF i can make it)

awaiting rules


(haunt_house) #3

If there are no prizes :frowning: , what about fame and fortune :smiley: ?

Chances that I´m in: 85%


(theeth) #4

Would it be with a movie or a still? A movie like last time I hope.


(WeirdHat) #5

A movie, yep.

(Nayman) #6

whiole wer eon the topic, cxan someone please give me a better tutorial than the one on blenderwars for backbuffring and alpha mapping?!

(theeth) #7

straight from the wierd one:



(S68) #8

Interesting :slight_smile:


(Adam) #9

I’m in -

(IngieBee) #10

I might try and make it???

Can anyone please tell me what this means, I’m baffled!

“He taught us three of meat and ran off your interesting is twelve, and forwards in the beginning to one way.”

WierdHat??? I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

(theeth) #11

Maybe that’s some “cadavre exquis” (that could translate to “tasty corpse” but it looses all meaning) :stuck_out_tongue:



(WeirdHat) #12

My signature was generated by a markov chaining program.

(haunt_house) #13

Now will there be a contest or :o

hot stove haunt_house

(Turrin) #14

I’m in.


(acasto) #15

I’m in

(LarsB) #16

i’ll try to do something, if i find enough time


(steve343) #17

im out :stuck_out_tongue: sorry no camara … waaaaa i cant aford anything.

ahem sorry

(noko) #18

you don’t need a cam
use to find some photos

in the meantime:
ph34r my |33+ (0mp051+1n9 5k1||z

(steve343) #19

i thought it was a movie contest

(WeirdHat) #20

No need for a camera. I supply the video.