Compositing - Crop and Transform Node Manipulators

Hi guys,

I’m trying to figure out if there’s anyway to transform or crop images on the image editor using a manipulator or by activating a hotkey. Typing in numbers or using the sliders isn’t the fastest way to make adjustments. Thanks.

This is possible in theory, but it needs to be implemented. Fortunately, the Blender python API is able to do it.

I already made some tests with the “G” hotkey for the translate and transform (only for translate) in a modal operator like in the 3D view. You can try it if you want : but this is very WIP.
Select the node, in the image editor, press G, X/Y constraints to the axes and middle mouse to do it with the mouse.

There was a cool addon that hacked the VSE viewport to be interactive so it should be possible in the UV Image editor as well.

Thank you. This is a basic workflow improvement that is sorely needed. Thanks for the script, I will test it out.

The script improved my workflow quite a bit. thanks.