Compositing Effects......?

Hi all!

I went through Jason G’s tutorial on how to make a lightsaber effect (found here:

I have a pretty good effect, and now I’m need to know how (/or if) I can put that effect onto my image:

EDIT: Ok, just as I posted this I thought: Hey, why, don’t I just load the picture I want to edit as a backdrop and draw the effect on?

So I did that, drawing bot lines and giving them each the proper materials and such. I orient them correctly to be over the PVC pipe, go to video sequencer to preview it and, well, it didn’t work.

Here’s what I did:

This probably means I don’t know enough about Blender :smiley:

So, can someone help me out? Is it possible to draw over like that?

What am I missing??

Thanks, LC

the first thing you are missing is the correct forum. :wink:


Besides that, your pic is so small I can’t see what’s wrong. Can you elaborate?

Hey man… don’t worry about it being in the wrong section. I went through the same tutorial that you did. Here’s how it works:

I’d use the Backbuf if you’re doing a photo. It’s in the Render control (F10) to the far left-bottom. It’s a button. Then, just above it, is three file loading/setting bars. The second one is the Backbuf image. CLick on the folder icon next to it and choose the directory of your image.e

If you’re doing video (my section) then I’d use Blender’s built in Sequence Editor. Do a search for “Sequence Editor Tutorial” and you will find a good one to get you started.

Good luck on your project!


I think I did try Backbuff first…When I select the “Backbuff” button, then select “buckbuff” on the file folder and select my image, nothing is loaded!

There’s nothing wrong with my pictures or anything.

Hey all

go to and check out the program Wax, it is a great video compositor and FX app, with cool rotoscoping tools, which is what you need here.


Need I call a mod??

We’re talking about BLENDER here!! Not that I have a problem with proprietary software, but if this effect weren’t possible in Blender there wouldn’t be a plugin for it (BlendSaber) and the two methods I have found on!

So please let us stay on topic…

MAn, just go to, and check out the compositing tut! Thats the technique that I use, and It works for everything! Good luck man, Peace out!


Get rid of all ur lights. Put a plane in the background, exactly tha same size as the camera view. make ur vid/image the texture. Make it shadeless. Then stick the saber over the pvc pipe, and render. If your animating, just move the saber in correspondance w/ the pipe! If these directions arent clear, contact me about it. Good luck!

P.S. Whats all this crap w/ the sequencer? u dont even need it!

yu dont need the backbuffer either! U guys r making this 2 complicated.

How do I apply the texture?

I’ve made a material and made it an image and loaded the image, but I don’t know how to apply it…

K, just make a material for the plane, and make the image the texture. And you may want to lock the plane to the cameras view, just so if you have to move the camera, the plane doesnt have to be readjusted.