Compositing enigma

I’ve used the compositing window for tube lighting in the attached animation scene. Everything including the wine glass rendered. I dynamically parented an iphone to the character’s hand yesterday. And animated / rendered overnight, the iphone was not there. Here’s the following I’ve checked:
camera in outliner is on
w in object mode to clear any obstruction - done
shows in cycles preview under materials tab (so it’s there)
shows in animation only in default window (texture, material, render mode)
there is one and only scene selected
the tube sign and iphone are on another layer, and it works for the tube sign.
Attached is 3 pics showing my problem. I’ve checked out tutorials on compositing, but no one seems to explain how to bring it all back together. And I’m not even sure that’s the problem.
Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated (still using blender 2.79b)

I’m almost embarrassed:roll_eyes:, I found the problem. I moved the second layer up to the main and it worked. I do find it strange that the tube sign rendered normally from the second layer yet the iphone didn’t. Anyway, thanks to all who looked and considered answering.

I suspect, that the Glare node ‘removed’ it, as the mix factor is set to 1, so only the highlights will appear. It likely is not bright enough to be retained.