Compositing for 3D 360 VR? Can the video editor do it


I’m creating 3D 360 animations using separate left and right cameras views. Hence I get two separate rendered video that I need to combine (over-under) to be able to be viewable in Youtube via a VR headset. I know I can do it in Aftereffects (I got it all working during the AE trial period) but I’m trying to avoid having to cough up for $250 per year.

Is this possible using the Blender Video editor…I’ve looked through the manual but can’t see to find anything on this. Effectively it’s just a split screen effect really.

Thanks for any help


Yes you can, you can Alpha Over/Under strips in the timeline, there is also a built-in plugin if you need to transform (scale/translate) your footages.
It may not be as intuitive as in AE but still very doable !

cheers !