Compositing hazy fog similar to the intro of Wall-E

i saw a compositing effect in the beginning of Wall-E yesterday that i was interested in replicating. the camera’s zooming through the ruins of buildings and everything’s shrouded in a dusty haze. i started testing a few ideas and i came up with a compositing setup tonight that seems to work alright but i’m interested in seeing if anyone has any better techniques that i could steal :slight_smile:

i haven’t animated the camera to make sure the effect continues to work when in motion.


Uhmm isn’t there a mist setting in the world properties?? it’s actually visible in your screenshot

Very clever! There is, that’s why I used it in compositing. I’ve fiddled and fiddled (and fiddled quite a bit more) with the mist settings, and have never been able to render a workable haze from it. But like I said, if you can tell me how to get the exact same effect using just the mist settings, I would prefer that rather than having to composite it.