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Hello. I am trying to make a scene with a realistic sun in the backgorund of a tree. However it seems i can not get the tree in the render without it being effect by the nodes used for the sun object.

Here is the picture without the tree:

And here is the picture when i try to combie the tree into the scene:

I am not sure why the sun disappears when i add the tree renderlayer in.

I will also show a picture of my renderlayer details:

If you can help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

When you use a renderlayer input into a node setup, you need one per renderlayer, not one in total. By changing the input source to the tree renderlayer, you turned off the sun layer. Select the renderlayer node, then Shift-D to get a new copy, and select the tree layer in one, and the sun layer in the other, then process each and add them together



Oh, but i do have more than one Renderlayer input. If u look closely you can see i have a layer for the sun and sky, light rays, and tree layer. If i add them together you can see from the 2nd picture what happens, the sun and sky and light layers is effecting the tree layer and you canot see the sun anymore. I need to find out how to get the tree object to appear properly as well as being able to see the sun in the background.

Sorry, it was late and I didn’t look closely enough, - I tend to keep all my inputs to the extreme left.

You are using the mix node, which tends to darken parts of the background and leave a slightly transparent overlay. In your case I would suggest setting up an object mask for the tree, and applying that to the sun/sky layer early in the processing, to separate the parts of the sun you need to ‘glare’, then mask combine the tree and the sky, and then ‘add’ the glare back in.



Thanks, but is their any tutorials i can look at for object masking because i have never done that before.

After playing around a bit i found out that the thing causeing the weird faded out effect was the sky layer.

As shown in this picture this is without the sky layer:

It might be that im useing a halo materil for the rays around the sun or it could be something else.

Unless this is what you’re after, here’s a couple of tips:
#1. connect the alpha socket of the render layer with the tree to the fac socket of the last mix node. You could then experiment with changing the value of the factor and/or the blending type. Multiply might be a reasonable guess. If this doesn’t work I’d use an alpha over node instead of a mix node.
#2. one other thing you could try is activate the first three scenes (top left) for every render layer. This is how I usually go about doing it as the idea is to combine all three render layers in the end.

Thanks! It seems the Alphaover node is what i needed.