Compositing in Blender

Anyone looking for some in depth info on compositing should look into “Compositing in Blender” by Barteck Skorupa at Blender Cookie. All thou I have not gone through the whole thing, what I have seen is fantastic.
I know this sounds like spam. I am in no way involved with any of the parties, I’m
just excited to find something that explains nodes and there functions in depth. For a non techie like me it has a wealth of information.

Please edit your post to include direct URL links …

I’ve been super frustrated with not being able to get a simple 3D thing rendering over a movie background, is this going to help with that? An image is easy, it’s the video part I don’t seem to be able to get right.

Try some of these gems:

There is a chapter called “Combining CG with live footage” as well as “Combining render passes”. I have not viewed them yet.
If you go to the link, towards the bottom click on “view training online”, it will give you a list of what is covered.

Yes, the bonus videos on Tracking show how to do this.

I agree whit rdonnn , after a fuw lessons learned a lot of stuff. Great