Compositing - Nodes vs. After Effects (Layer-Based Compositing)

Hey everybody, I just wanted to ask, which is better for compositing: Blender 3d’s Nodes or layer based compositing (After Effects)? I have both and I know that they can work together, but if I can do this all in Blender, and it’s easier than After Effects, well then that’s what I would stick with. Thanks for the help!!!

I you use blender you wont get any viruses from cracked copies of after effects :smiley:

Blender’s compositor is powerful already, and Blender stands to get a whole bunch of new nodes by 2.50.

Use Blender if you don’t need After Effects

The biggest difference on my end is the use of text as vector points in AE. Blender can get around that by making a scene were the text is made to follow a curve, and then test animating the text before compositing. AE is layer based to an extent, but the VSE in Blender is also a layer tool, so by using the Video SequenceEditor in conjunction with the Composite Nodes, I think you might creatively find that most work can be accomplished in Blender with some serious set up work.