Compositing one object turning around another one

This is dumb but in the past I could composite two objects one moving around the other one without problem… Now I cannot find out how to set the compositor to have the circling object not visible when behind the fix object around which it is turning…
File attached…
31 Easter egg main GN (988.9 KB)

You will use Alpha Over to do that. This occludes the object when it is “behind” the other one.

You can also make use of Z-Depth, which acts upon the distance of the object from the camera lens.

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Hello sundialsvc4 Thanks for your suggestion. However if you have checked on the file I attached, either the Z pass or the Alpha over I have used have not solved the issue. After digging on why I can’t get the occlusion of the rotating text when going behind the egg it would seem that it may be because the object is not a mesh but an instance. I would have to realize it so that both locations are taken in account at the compositing time… Out of that I can generate the correct imagery if going directly to video but then I cannot correct the emission, the lights and the colors… I’ll keep working on it… Thanks again.

In the compositor, rig up a viewer on the “Alpha” channel so that you can see what it is.