Compositing passes question

My rendering looks superb, except for the AO effect. So I want to tweak it separately and put it back into the main rendering.

To do so I am rendering with separate diffuse, color, specular, shadow, reflection and AO passes. What operators should I use to composite all these into the main rendering? “Mix” doesn’t give good results (it produces too dark images)

Or is there another method?

plz search for the thread in this forum. This was discussed a few months ago. I think the answer is to multiply the AO times the diffuse. Also see wiki. its not obvious, i remember that.

Thanks for the help, but sadly the setup of that wiki page excludes the light coming from the angular map (which acts upon the AO effect), so the light setup gets screwed up.

Also there it says:

If shadows, colored ambient light, specularity, reflections, and/or refractions are involved they have to be added to the diffuse pass before adding the converted AO pass.

Should they be added together or multiplied?