Compositing Questions...

Hey all:

OK, I can sort of make a lightsaber blade effect in Blender, but I might just use LOTR Junkie’s file for that since it looks better than mine thus far[thanks LOTR Junkie! :D].

BUT, I STILL have a major problem:

I’ve only managed to composite the blade glow effect on a SINGLE STILL image, and that was with Lokmer’s plugin and tutorial from Blenderwars.

HOWEVER, since my friends and I are doing a live action production [~5 minutes, it’s nothing huge],

I REALLY need to know how to rotoscope in Blender.

I also got confused when the blade went behind someone…

SO, does anyone know how to rotoscope a MOVIE [again, short, ~5 minutes, nothing major], i.e., multiple images together?

(Sorry about the caps. I’m just a little desperate 'cause I’ve had no ‘luck’ in this area as of yet.)



welcome the the drudgery of art. You will have to go thru, frame by frame just about, and animate your wand to follow the sticks your actors held. When a sabre passes in back of someone, you will have to make a bezier curve mask or other object to block that part of the sabre. You might be able to use Ipo curves and only keyframe every 15 frames (30 fps=0.5 seconds); depends on how fast they swing. Then, AlphaOver is your friend.

Don’t worry…I knew I was going to have to do it frame by frame :smiley:

I just wasn’t sure if all I needed to do was move the line and make a Location key or if there was more to it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW, HOW do I get to the next frame?

Do I just need to press the current frame of animation button?

Here’s something rocktastic. Icarus for motion capture. /:]

in the 3D Window header is the frame number. yup, just click that, or use the arrow keys. Also, clicking in the X direction in the Ipo Window will jump to a frame, or in the timeline window. Set your video clip to be your world env tex or as the tex of a plane that fills camera frame and lock the camera and plane so you are consistent session to session and dont inadvertenly change your perspective and thus your mapping.

Use vector blur (see wiki under Compositing) to blur the saber from frame to frame.