compositing small video in my animation, how?

I’m wanting to make a five minute animation where the camera tracks through a three dimensional white world(similar to the pc vs mac background) and have four or five small video frames float down from above. how can I do that and have all the videos playing at the same time? I do plan to break the five minute clip down into 20 to 30 sec breaks to help with memory issues. I just don’t know how to put video into my animations thats my biggest thing I need to learn.

You can map movies on objects as animated image textures. See here for more info:

There’s no need to split up the clip, except for scene changes. Once you click the Animate button, video frames will be read from disk and rendered frames will be saved to disk one by one, so there shouldn’t be any memory issues.

I think figured all the settings out. :slight_smile: What I did was rendered the animation at 250,but I did’nt see the button for the total frames of the video I was importing. That was set at 110. Here is a link to my test final test run.
testrun3 on youtube