Compositing Stills and Animation

Hi everyone. I’ve been working on this for a long time… The whole project isn’t done, but these two effects shots (2 out of the final 3) are what I am begrudgingly calling finished.

Background: My oldest daughter is in preschool. Each kids gets a couple of turns each year to bring home the class Courdoroy stuffed bear and keep him for a week. Everyone then brings him back in with a story to tell about what they did. Well, with me it just can’t be that simple. I want those kids to crap their pants when they see the video that goes back with Courdy next time. Below are two stills from composites I made. Click on them to link to the small (but good quality) anims.

(Specs: 860k, 16 sec, DivX, 360x240, 30fps)

(Specs: 132k, 12 sec, DivX, 360x240, 30fps)

Problems: I know that the audio sync is bad. I do the audio sweeten and sync after the whole thing’s edited together. On the kitchen one I know that the Courdy model twitches a bit right before he stands, but I’m at the point where I need to put that one to bed or just jump out of a window, so… I’m just telling myself that it will be good enough for 5 year olds.

Tech specs: Video shot with Canon mini-DV cam. Used Publisher 2.25. UV mapped Courdy with textures captured from the real stuffed animal. NLA rules and makes walk cycles and path animation ridiculously easy. Constraint IPOs, while they seem to have a bug when used with NLA, also rule.


I’m not getting any sound at all. Your daughter is going to have a lot of fun showing this to her class, though…
I wouldn’t worry over much about the animation problems. And you’re right; the NLA does rule (what’s the bug you talk of, btw?) animation constaint IPO’s are also lovely.
Good fun work!

wonderful. Good enough for me and I’m not five years old.

great! Really great!

cya henrik

Haha! That’s great! Apart from the twitch you mentioned, it looks perfect to me.

that’s really bitchin’! I’m sure the kids are going to crap their pants!!

I don’t get sounds in the 132K one either :frowning:

maybe putting a longer blendout would have helped with the twitching :expressionless:

Great job!


Very Sweet!

With reflections on the table too.



(P.S. I’ve got no sound card :wink:

Fantastic! And great work with the reflection on the table surface… how do you did it (well, maybe I can guess it, but I’d like to know anyway)?

Sound works for me.


LOL! I love it. Also I don’t mind the twitch it just looks like he slips or something… :smiley:
Great work.

Yeah, yeah… he’s slipping…

I cheated for the reflection. I do my compositing in AfterEffects so I can match the blur, grain and tone of the original footage. I just made a mask of the countertop; duped my clip from Blender; flipped, stretched and blurred it; and cut back on the opacity. I was surprised how well it turned out for how little effort I had to put in. AE is making the third and final composite (fairly) easy as well.

Thanks for all the kind words. I want to have the whole thing done by Feb. It’s only about 2:30 long, so posting it for all to see shouldn’t be a problem.