Compositing Test

(Andy) #1

Results of several compositing test with animated masks. DivX5 370 Kb

This has been posted on the spanish forum where I’ve got some feedback from the hispan folks.

The base material is a scanned picture.

Plain english feedback is more than welcome!

(Yamyam) #2

I think shaking the camera is too simple. You can add more random move.
Compositing is nice.

(Idgas) #3

Well i watched it about a dozen times, it looks really good, maybe add a little more blur as the camera pans out and a faster more furious shake of the camera. Looks great

(Phrangkk) #4

Perhaps adding a flash of light or an explosion upon impact would spice it up.
I agree about the camera shake, maybe try having the camera not stop zooming out until the tremor start to give the impression that the camera operator was caught off guard

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(Andy) #5


Thank you for your feedback.
I’m already working to improve the camera movement to look more natural.

(HpyGoCrazy) #6

It looks good but a real meteor would be traveling much much faster. If you could speed it up more and modify the camera jitter it would do real well.