Compositing test

Fresh out of the box!

Been a long time since I posted anything new, so I decided to run a compositing test using 2.33, and here are my results…



Tell me whatcha think… :smiley:


shadows can be tweaked a bit.


The shadows from the Box and Suzzanne seem to be from a different lighting source than the chest (which BTW seems to be crooked.)

looks good. tonally it matches well, perhaps a little oversaturated in the colours. also the depth of field effect is good, but could maybe use a touch more on the left edge towards the back? and you will need to add some blur to the rendered shadows, to match the shadows in the photo. switching to an area light should help.

jim ww

Pretty nice. probaly alot better then I could do. But I’d have to agree with the crits above.

make shadows softer… use area lamps or blackmage (aka f00f) new test build.