Compositing Tests

i guess i’ll post my composite tests here. i’m planning on making something better for my next test. but you’ve gotta start simple, right?

It might be a simpe test but, that cube looks perfectly integrated into the enviromment.

If the surface had been more irregular (not a perfect cube), I couldn’t have guessed It was Blendered.

(Maybe you could put Suzanne there, that would be funny :wink: )


hmm… i’m thinking about doing something kind of more complicated, but i don’t know how to make good looking dust…

The shadow gives this away, it’s too perfect for the surrounding environment, it became obvious you stuck an image behind the render.

yeah, i was trying to figure out how to make it have a texture to it, but when i added a cloud map, it wouldn’t render it because it’s set as “Shadow Only”.

Maybe you could use an Area Lamp or a Spotlight with buffer shadows to make the edge of the shadow softer. :yes:
& then maybe you could use some other colored low-energy lamps to simulate reflected light (Radiosity) or use a little AO or put the background as a texture on a plane & add a little blurry RayMirror to the cube (& then use only the cube & it’s shadow on the Compositor), or you could directly use Radiosity. (you could even turn the background image into a HDRI & use it to iluminate the scene). :eyebrowlift:
& you could also tweak the material shader a little (so that it looks more rough).
You could even make some post-procesing in another application (The Gimp for example).

But well, I’m not an expert, so you don’t have to pay much attention. (but don’t ignore me :slight_smile: )