Compositing troubles...

Trying to do this sunset scene. Cant get the sky bright without whiting the Sun out. Also the material doesnt look the same as the texture. Anyone can help? screenshots are below.

Also want to figure out how to make one layer block the other out so i can get the glow behind the insignia in this scene.

Now for some humor. Not related to compositing but its funny none the less:evilgrin:

I can’t help you with your first problem but you can fix the second by using an AlphaOver node instead of a Mix node when you composite the render layers.

Generally, the sun should be clipped to white >_>
Even with the huge dynamic range our eyes can percieve, it’s clipped to white in real life. If you’re going for a photo-real look, it should be overexposed in most cases.
I could be misunderstanding you though ^^;;

In regards to your 3rd problem. Osama bin Laden almost NEVER shaves. ( not even his forehead ).
So I would leave it as is.

Happy Blending!