Compositing: Use Nodes

Hi, I’m doing several tests to solve the problem of the edge with the aliasing too obvious, I would like to avoid pixelation.

Attached are some nodes with img I’m using, could you give me a hand? It is a problem that seems to have a way out.

What’s wrong? We also place the files .blend

The scene that I propose should simulate the background where entertainment takes place, in practice there are two characters (animated and saved on a different level) and then the background containing the scene with a fixed shot (for now, then I thought of incorporating shots moving).

The four levels are used:

  • Level characters (no full sample)
  • Z characters (full sample)
  • BG (no full sample)
  • BG Z (full sample)

Wrong procedure? While waiting for your valuable suggestions thank you from the heart.

test_z.blend (501 KB)


Hi, this might be of interest.