Compositing Video

Does anybody know of a great way to apply rendered models to video?

I’ve heard of importing the video (with proper format) into blender and apply it as a texture on a plane, except I find that a bit impractical.

I’m looking for a method that would not let the efforts exceed the quality of the results.

Emmanuel Barroga

Okay, if i understand you correctly then you want to mix pre existing video and 3d models or animations. i just learned how to do this. go into the Video Sequence Editor and press spacebar. A scrolldown will appear, add a movie; you can then select your media. next select the video you just added in the VSE and press spacebar, add your rendered model or animation on top of the video. press shift and select the video and 3d rendering, press spacebar and add alpha under. In the animation buttons press the “Do Sequence Button” Then you can render in what ever format you want and that’s it.
I think i made it sound more confusing than it really is, just try it. i’m not sure this is what you were trying to do, but hopefully it helps.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it out when I get the chance.