Compositing view layer only works for one frame?

I still don’t really get it when it comes to compositing. I created the scene I’m working on in one file and use another file for the compositing. I rendered the image sequence out in OpenEXR multilayer and brought them back into the compositor in my new file, but somehow it only works for one frame. In the original file, both use for rendering and render single layer are checked. I do have another layer, but I don’t use that one. I’m only interested in the view layer.

The first frame, everything looks like it’s supposed to, and it works with the compositing setup.

But if I go one frame further, the picture as well as my layers disappear. It doesn’t change if I check cyclic. If I try to choose one layer where I indicated, there is a view layer, but without all the passes I rendered out:
If I go back to frame one then, the passes reappear.
What can I do to use those passes for the whole animation? It took so longer to render this out and this really bothers me …

Here’s the compositing file:
ApoComp.blend (836.7 KB)

If you could help me, I would be very happy :blush: Thanks!