compositing with stereoscopic workflows

i’m excited to be making use of blender’s latest multi-view tools on a stereoscopic project i’m doing, but part of that involves doing some post production in after effects.

for non-stereoscopic work, the after effects add-on does a great job of getting camera animation and reference nulls for various objects into AE for cleanly integrating additional elements.

i’m trying to wrap my head around how to adapt a stereoscopic workflow, and have 2 questions:

-can the generated stereoscopic camera be converted to an actual blender camera that i can export via the after effects add-on?

-i’m using the off-axis stereoscopic setting, which effectively adds an X-shift component to the generated camera to control convergence without a toe-in effect. and i can’t think of any way to replicate this in after effects.

my current project is simple enough that we can probably fake certain things by hand offsetting elements we want to position in depth, but i imagine this will be an increasing concern for more complex projects.

has anyone else been doing much work in this area?