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(theeth) #2

ah ah ah ah ah

it’s great!

personnaly, I would blur the head and the neck a bit, so that it blends more with the rest.
And your head doesn’t project a shadow, but I guess that this could be hard to do…


(paradox) #3

ha ha that is great. Thats my kind of weird - WeirdHat.

(stephen2002) #4

yes, head and neck need more noise applied to match the video. Also, your head seems to elongate when it switches to the CG version.

pretty good.

(GTBlackwell) #5

Same as above, plus the neck looks just a bit to narrow at the point that it’s severed

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(Nayman) #7

very cool

what program did you sue to put the ehad i your hands?

(WeirdHat) #8

Blender for the whole thing!

Yeah, I know the neck is too narrow…

The head does look too sharp, but the neck looks fine to me.

I’m probably too lazy to fix any of these problems though :smiley: . Whatever.

(Nayman) #9

did you jsut put an avi with a black background for the head, and then turn off tyhe alpha?

(DreamMaster) #10

rflol cute :smiley:

(WeirdHat) #11

No, actually I did it the hard way :D. I just made the video and then made a circle with vertex keys to do the outline. Then I just moved the circle around to where the head was supposed to be.

Blocking out my real head was also done with a circle with vertex keys… the texture for that was the room without me in it. The vertex keys for that one obviously didn’t have to be as precise.

The neck is a Blender model, with yet another object with vertex keys in front of it, to make sure the shirt was in front of the neck.

Everything except the neck is shadeless…

(Nayman) #12

i should really learn vertex keys, would make my compositing easiedr


i do understand how you did it know, it would have been a lot easier other ways though

(mthoenes) #13

I love it… I am going to show my Kids this weekend. My 6 year old will laugh, my two year old will probably have bad dreams…

By the way… You are Sick…
In a good way!

Weirdhat - king of compositing

(Andy Goralczyk) #14

LOL WeirdHat, that’s really great. i like it :smiley:


(Bapsis) #15

LOL, good work mate. But now how are you gonna wear that hat that Ton spoke so highly of, better put your head back on… :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(VelikM) #16

Thats good! :smiley: :smiley: Just don’t forget where you put it.