composition advice

I’m composing lots of light saber footage and wonder how the best way to add the saber glow layer. For instance, I’ve been painting it on for some of my shorts with relitive decency, but I’d like to add the flicker effect. The lightsaber plugin knows how to do this. So my uestion is, is it possible to walk through a movie frame by frame (within blender) and key a tube mesh (then add the saber glow via plugin?)

And, if so how do step frame by frame to key the mesh in the right place?


I think I’ve found just the thing for you: a plug-in of the name BlendSaber…

Which can be downloaded at the following address:

The tutorial on how to use it:

The saber plugin works well. Thing is how can I step frame by from in a quicktime movie in blender to match the ‘tube’ to the frame.


Thankyou, I’ll give that a try. Hopefully I can key a few frames and save some pain on SFX with sabers.

BTW, maybe another cool lik but why do movies speed up in blender? If I give a length, why doesn’t it adhere to frams per second?