Composition: Bowl

Hello all,

I’m looking for critique on how to improve the composition and overall feel of this image.

  • Should I place items in the bowl? I was thinking of maybe those wicker or twig balls like you find in Pier1.
  • Is the wood texture okay? I do have some tiling going on, I was thinking of maybe using GIMP to rotate the tiles next to it so it breaks up the pattern.
  • I tried SSS with the bowl, but it lost a large amount of detail, any recommendations to combat that?

I welcome any other critiques and suggestions you may have.

Modeled and rendered in 2.57a using Blender Internal. I enabled AO and environmental lighting (using the sky color–which was a simple white-blue gradient), and I used an area light.

Thank you!

Click image for full size.

The scene could probably use more objects, but I’m not sure if they would have to be in the bowl.

The displacement on the bowl seems a bit heavy.

Also, the bowl could use some other colors.

I would also smooth out he inside of the bowl considering a lot of bowls tend to have smoth insides and detailed out.