Composition / Geometry Nodes Particle Breakdown: Your Dream Is Always With You

Hi, there. Here I share a breakdown of a character animation partially made with Geometry Nodes.

The 3D part was fully done with Blender (3.0 alpha/beta), and the composition was done with After Effects. I could make particles and masks manually on After Effects also, but at this time, I chose trying them with Geometry Nodes for easy composition. Setting up nodes which decide the size of each particle by Z position of a divider object was obviously not easy for me, a newbie of this function. But I believe it saved tons of hours, since this animation has some drastic camera move.

Unfortunately, Geometry Nodes currently don’t support physics. So, I added pseudo gravity by adding a velocity to particles.

Applications: Blender 3.0 (alpha/beta), After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Concept: Sometimes dream changes its form, but it’s always be with you. Don’t be afraid, just keep searching and trying what you want. Future is calling you.