Composition (indigo render update)

My latest project in blender. Render yafray + some work in postprocess .Thanks for visiting:) .

yeah, nice scenery :slight_smile:
But in my opinion, the edge of the piece of bread looks really really unrealistic and does not fit into the really realistic approach.
That´s the only critic I have on the first look.


The lower label on the bottle looks like it is streched …
Your render/work is fantastic.
What has been added/modified in your postprocess (and with which tools) ?

Micheal R. is right about the bread, it looks too strange this way…

ALso there are some shadow blotches on the edge of the wall, maybe increase sampling, shadow quality, or decrease the refinement value…

Other than that absolutely amazing work, the mood is very, very impressing!

The shadow blotches look fine if you ask me. They work right into the picture. In fact, I’m not sure those aren’t textures. If they are blotches, I say leave 'em.

Wow very nice. It looks more like a very nice painting, and that makes it interesting. I like the shadow blotches on the wall, looks like it is an old rotting wall =)

Thanks very much for crits and comments . I made a small update with indigo render.

What has been added/modified in your postprocess (and with which tools) ?

I just duplicated the original layer several times - and than i used on the layers different blending options (overlay, soft light and multiply) + some small work with contrast/brightness - thats all:o .

I know this isn’t very helpful, but I liked the first one better. More of a mood, more of a dramatic contrast. Also, if you want the wall texture to be wall-paper you’re gonna have to work a lot more to get it it look right. What with alignment and bump-maps and tears and stuff for variation.

Very nice render! (I also like the first one more) It has a nice mood about it, and the textures look brilliant!