Composition Raptors

Hi, thi’s my last work in composition using Blender and Gimp


Im sorry for error in title, is velociraptors composition

Blender render internal

What happened to their feathers?

Good work, all in all. Let me be a bit pedantic (I love dinos): I’m not sure that vegetion is the right one for the era, but grass is well realized anyway.

Why are they all crouching? Aaaand where are the feathers… raptors had feathers, you know!

I do not speak English, I do not want, you could do a review on the render, and not nonsense, thanks

Thanks @Zander_Nicolic for your comment, cheers

Composition animation

Now they are called politicians

Interesting result. I think there needs to be more long grass overlapping the feet and lower legs. The grass in the foreground looks like it’s a good 12inchs or so high but where the dinosaurs are stepping it looks only 2 or 3 inches high.

Also, a bit of motion blur would help with making the image more believable.