Composition with .mov

Is it possible to do composition with .movs? See my camera takes .mov videos…or is there an easy way to convert them? maybe in blender?

see my response your other current post.

I just get a black image…I tryed the image editor

black says you have not created a material with TexFace enabled. see wiki on UV textures - there’s a note specifically about this. Good luck!

but it’s a .mov…made from my video camera

ok, well the first step it to see if Blender can use the codecs on your machine to even play a .mov. So, in the Sequence Editor, load the mov strip. If you see blackness in the preview window, then yes, the correct codec is not even installed on your PC and it is useless to try to use it as a texture.

I’m not trying to use as texture I’m loading into composition nodes…and can’t load into blender not ffmpeg or something

did you install quicktime on your computer ?

on the windows side

ok…sooooo…on the Windows side, when you load a .mov into the sequence editor, do you see the .mov? BUUUuuuuut…which side are you having an issue with? Because this smurf does not know nuthin about quicktime under linux…

my blender is on the open bsd side…I think I need a converter but am having problems with my ffmpeg and mplayer stuff…