Compositor and sequencer questions...

Hi all,

I know how to use the sequencer and compositor nodes, but I have two questions:

How do you play back and animation/movie which you are compositing with the nodes. The timeline doesn’t seem to work. Does it have to be rendered out first? It would be good to be able to advance to later in the composite to check things though…

Also, I can’t seem to load an image (.tga) sequence into the sequence editor. It only wants to load a single frame.

Any help will, as always, be most appreciated.


to plaback you must create another sequence window, but in this window click on the button with the woman’s head (the one that says: shows the sequnce output image preview) now hit shift+alt+enter to playback in all windows simulteanously.

an easier way is to hit Ctrl+right two times, as this will swap your layout to the sequence editor, already with a preview window. you can go back to the standard settings with ctrl+left twice. (also, check out the other presets!)

To load an image sequence you have to select all the images in the file browser. The A-key will do this, it helps if the only thing in the folder is your image sequence.

Thanks guys for your response.

What I really meant, is how to play back a sequence you load into the node compositor in the testing builds. I tried what you said, but that seems to be only for the sequence editor.

Any other Ideas?

Cheers Again DT

Anyone got another answer for this one???