Compositor crashing

I’ve been working on a little composting project. Most bumps worked out but… well it’s getting a little complex:

It basically consists of a bunch of prerendered 3d layers loaded as image sequences (most .exr, a couple of .pngs), and the greenscreen live action plate. The only rendering is a basic rotobezier garbage matte.

My latest saved version now crashes before the compositing progress bar reaches the end. It takes ages for Blender to find all the image sequences and restore all the noodles/sockets, so to be safe I redirect the Viewer node a few times as it does this to give it more time. But even when they are all safely loaded Blender crashes. Every time.

I’ve tried this in 2.61 testing build, 2.6 and 2.59. Is this likely to be a system problem or a Blender problem? Have I pushed my poor old computer to its limits somehow?

I have checked for cyclic redundancies, made all external paths absolute…

Lost for ideas :spin: Any help welcome…

(I’m on Mac OSX10.5, Dual 2.7 G5PPC, 2GB RAM)

Try all the memory-saving options (like free unused nodes etc.)

If not, then you could split the load. It might mean more manual effort, but might be your only solution.
You could process everything that leads to one side of your final mix node, save to file and mute the rest. Then do the same with the other side before simply combining them in a separate blend file?

Thanks Casio23. Worth a try - So you think it sounds like a memory/system problem I guess…

I’ll have a look and report back. Cheers.

Blender converts all images into 32bit float so they get huge quickly. Even if unloaded they are just tiny jpegs, so you may need rethink your process.

I see you have only 2GB of RAM.
Blender crashes when it runs out of memory.
Install more memory, or try the same scene on a different machine with more memory.

Thanks guys. Free Unused seemed to help enough to get the node setup working again, and with a bit of juggling I’ve nudged my computer up to 3GB - I think it’s slightly happier. But definitely pushing the envelope still. I’m gonna try for 8 or 16GB asap :wink: - or a new computer.

The composite is nearly done at least, so I’m hoping to post some results up here soon.