Compositor - Image Sequence - Can't be load (OS X)

I can’t load any image sequence (JPEG, PNG) even images starts like 0001.png - 0500.png into image node now.

I tested it on two iMacs, with several blender builds (official 2.69 too), always I opened new file, loaded factory setting to preserve other problems, added new image node … (every time from scratch - if I can use this word).

Because it worked before in some 2.6 version (I think), it seems to me like some conflict related to operating system?
Or do you see any my setup fault?

Can somebody confirm this issue on PC or Mac?
Thank you for help.

For more detail - read Bug tracker, but answer post please here.
It’s really strange last build that works for me now is 2.49 !

Image sequences load correctly for me in the compositor. Repeated after ‘Load Factory Settings’ and still ok

Blender 2.69, OSX 10.9

Just to be sure you changed image single to image sequence ?

@3pointEdit: yes I changed it to sequence.
(I forget to attach link to bug trucker, there is an screen, see the first post.)

@Richard: Thank you for your test.

Now I see the problem - path to the image sequence ends with folder name + slash (like “…/Render/”), there is not written a name of a frame (like "…/Render/0001.png) that cause the problem.

What I usually do is - open browser, press “A” to select all frames and hit Enter.

So if I want to get whole path with image name I have to click on a first frame in a folder and confirm (or fix the path manually - write image name).

  • Maybe I was confused because I used for a last three months VSE where I have to select all frames in browser I want to open as strip.
  • In node compositor I have to click on a first one, right?

OK - this is not a bug, right?

Wouldn’t it better to have same behavior for loading sequences in Compositor and VSE?

I’m not a beginner and it took me few hours to find solution for this quite simple problem.