Compositor Nodes animate properties not working properly

Hello there.
I wanted to make a little music video and wanted to do everything in blender.
So everything works fine, i did the cut, created new scene for tracking, animated 3d stuff in it, imported it in the VSE.

Now i have a new scene and used the compositor, importet the footage and did the effects.
Looks good. Making a keyframe for a property in a node, getting to the desired frame, changing the property and it snaps back to the value of the first keyframe. I can set a keyframe, but i cant change the value.
I think theres something i dont know, i hope so…

Maybe somenone has an idea
Thanks banana

using blender 2.82

This is fixed in 2.82a, you just have to download it. :blush:

So easy, thought i had the latest version.
Thanks :slight_smile: