Compositor problem undo in 2.91

Before 2.91, everything worked perfectly.
As of 2.91, in the compositor (probably also in the shader node I haven’t checked), the undo is acting very weird. So imagine I take a color balance node or any node at all it doesn’t matter. Then I do some edit to the node and oops, the last edit didn’t work so I do ctrl + z to go back to the last edit. Well, in 2.91, instead of doing that, it goes to the last NODE edit that was done… aka it’s either reset the node to it’s default settings or just remove it entirely. I imagine this is a bug and I HOPE it’s not a new way of it functionning because this is incredibly annoying. Is there any fix to this ? Thanks !

Yes, seems to be a bug. If you change color wheel of one of the lift/gamma/gain in the color balance node it does not register. This can be seen in the undo history. Before 2.91 this was registered as “unkonwn action”, now it is not registered at all.

You should file a bug report.


Oh, god this is annoying.

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Yeah. 2.91 had me very excited for some feature (not as much as 2.92 with assets browser :star_struck:), but since I’m using compositing a lot and undo-ing a lot (Because idk what I’m doing, I’m just moving randomly until something work… don’t question me it works well until now so I’m not complaining), this is incredibly annoying. Until it is fixed, I’m gonna go back to 2.90.1

And it is the same in the shading editor. Argh!
Yes, going back to 2.90 seems to be the only option until this is fixed. This is a deal breaker.

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Indeed it is :confused:

Hey sorry it’s been some time.
I’ve seen you were in the dev blender org website on the issue. Since you seem like you probably know more than me on how this work, do you know if there was an update to Blender 2.91 where it was patched ? I want to use 2.91 but with this bug I can’t. But on the issue, it seems they fixed it but idk if there was an update push for it. Do you know ?

This is broken in 2.91. It is fixed in the 2.92 Alpha.