Compositor Question: Background showing through

Hi there,

I am using the compositor to add a starry background image, with the Alpha Over node. However, the background is still visible through some (and only some) of the foreground elements, i.e. the ship (but not the planet). All elements, the planet and the ship and the engine cones, are on different render layers.

Can anyone offer me assistance regarding how I can change my node setup or render setup so as to not have the stars showing through the ship…? A screenshot of my node setup and result (attached) should make it clear what the problem is. Thanks!

The problem is your “ship” renderlayer doesn’t carry over it’s alpha channel. You simply add it to the planet scene, which means it has color data but zero alpha. So before you alpha over the planet and ship with the star background, you should alpha over the ship renderlayer with the planet.

Awesome! Thanks Kryp!