[compositor] Scaling down input images

I’m compositing several high resolution .exr (multilayer) images into a final scene. Because they are big it takes 10 seconds or more to show every small adjustment you make == annoying and a hit on productivity.

It’s possible to scale down / resize the image resolution of the loaded images on the fly, so that Blender would work on a say 2x smaller res? I believe that in other compositor tools this is called a “proxy”? How could I tackle this problem otherwise? (except re-rendering all the passes in a lower res and work on them)

The Scale node would do the trick.

D’oh!, the shame is unbearable… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks man!

yeah, I know. Nothing like a day’s worth of work boiled down to a three second fix! I find myself thanking Daccy often.

There is also render quality for preview vs final (Comp properties), but it doesn’t help with loading big files.