Compositor -> Sequencer in Blender 2.6+...... Bug?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I’m unable to route a composite (nodes) render to the video sequence editor in Blender 2.6+.

There are plenty of tutorials telling you how to do it in previous versions. Basically you had to enable “Do Composite” in the Anim tab of your compositing scene, then add that scene as a scene strip in the video sequence editor of your sequencing scene. The “Do Composite” and Anim tab no longer exist in Blender 2.6+, and the replacement is a checkbox labeled “Compositing” in the new Post Production tab. Although this checkbox works fine when pressing F12 to render the compositing scene (the composite is rendered instead of the 3D scene, as expected), the scene strip in the video sequence editor continues to show the realtime 3D view.

Is it a bug? Or is there something else I have to enable?

You are right. The GLSL quick view in the VSE will show the 3D camera view of the nodes scene, if you have Composite ticked in Post Prod tab then it will render the comp for you (from the nodes). It doesn’t give real time feeedback, as rendering does not occur in that order. You can cheat by forcing a proxy render of by pre-rendering the scene out and adding that as a strip.

Check out the blog in my sig below for a new script and quick tutorial that basically sends video from the VSE to the compositor and back again.