compound bow modeling and animation questions

I’m not sure if I should put this in the modeling or animation section, so I’ll start here. I am modeling a compound bow. Ultimately I want to create an animation of the bow shooting an arrow. Here are my questions…

  1. Best technique to model the line… (see attached)
  2. Once modeled, What would be the best way to deform the string (like while pulling back in preparation for shooting) Not sure if I should be using physics, or deformation modifiers or some other technique.
    Any thoughts on either of the above would be appreciated - Carl


  1. Simply take the basic scene and set the image as the background. Then using a complination of edge loops and extruding simply model the bow. Dive in, see what doesn’t work and what does; and learn from your mistakes.
    2)Animate the string with armatures I would think.

When I posted the question a couple days ago, It was really just the string I was trying to figure out what would be the best way to model, I have the bow section already modeled. I found a tutorial that helped me model the string, but it’s the best way to animate it and have it remain on the pullies which seems to be giving me the most problem now… I’ll try the armatures, but I haven’t done any rigging yet so hoping I can maybe figure out a different way to do it. Thanks for your input.

Rigging would probably be a good idea but another way is animating the string with curves. It works the same way as shape keys basically and you don’t really have to set anything up. It gives less control but could work for your situation.